Get involved in the WI Supreme Court race!

On April 4th, Wisconsin has the opportunity to elect a progressive to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin (SCOWIS) and flip the Court to a 4-3 Democratic majority. SCOWIS has historically been very partisan, and flipping the Court could have a huge impact on abortion, gerrymandering, healthcare, voting rights, and more. Not only will a flipped court enable our movements to bring important issues to the forefront at the state level, but it would shape the playing field for the 2024 election in Wisconsin, which has been a state with razor thin margins over the last few election cycles.

The primary is on February 21st, and a progressive is very likely to make it through to the general election. With only a little over a month between the primary and the general election, it will be all hands on deck to have as many conversations possible with voters about what’s at stake in this election and why they should show up to the polls. Let us know what you’re interested in doing and we’ll connect you with partners doing that work on the ground, including Citizen Action Wisconsin, Common Power, and more.

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