Primary Election Phone Bank Opportunities

Next fall in the general election we will do everything we can to stop the Republicans from taking control of the House and Senate. Meanwhile the primary season has begun, and primaries are a key time for us to fight voter suppression and ensure victories for social justice movement candidates that will fight for their communities once in Congress. Make calls with grassroots groups in battleground states below!


Summer Lee is a powerful grassroots organizer running for a House seat in PA-12. You can make calls for her every day until the election with PA United.

North Carolina:

There are a number of exciting North Carolina races happening in their May 17th primary, including a key Senate race, an inspiring House race, and an important race to re-elect a progressive DA.

Durham for All is busy building towards their vision of a North Carolina where everyone can thrive and feel safe, secure, and cared for. They see this year’s election as a crucial step on that journey. Join them to make calls for Senate candidate Cheri Beasley and District Attorney Satana Deberry every Monday and Tuesday from 5:15pm-8pm ET.

You can also make calls for movement candidate Nida Allam, who is running for a House seat in NC-4! Join Sunrise Movement any Monday from 6-8pm ET.


Our friends at New Georgia Project are doing get-out-the-vote calls for many important races ahead of their May 24th primary. While the general election is where the key Senate and Governor races will be decided, with the vicious voter suppression law that GA Republicans passed this year the primary will be a crucial time to make sure people are registered and able to vote, so that turnout is as high as possible next fall.

You can call with them any weekday from 5:30-8:30pm ET, and Saturdays 1-4pm ET.