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  • Post-Election Resources
    As we show up to vote Trump out in record numbers, he’s trying to bully and cheat his way through an election he knows he’s losing. He hopes that sowing chaos and stoking fear will stop us from having our voices heard. It won’t. We can’t know exactly what will happen in these next few […]
  • What Elections Teach Us
    By Jazmín Delgado, program coordinator, Center for Political Education, and volunteer with Seed the Vote The following piece is shared with permission from the Center for Political Education, a non-partisan resource. With the last days of the elections upon us, leftists and progressives have been getting ourselves ready for the immediate task ahead: defeating white-supremacist […]
  • Aaron from Pennsylvania Stands Up on the Presidential Election
    Aaron with Pennsylvania Stands Up shares why we need to give this election our all.
  • Seed the Vote: Don’t Just Vote, Organize!
    See the original at Organizing Upgrade. By Marcy Rein Early voting is already underway: Election Day is every day from now until Nov. 3. Seed the Vote has activists on the (virtual) ground seven days a week in swing states, and soon will add in-person crews as well. Partnering with organizations rooted in working-class communities and communities […]
  • Defeating Trump: Grassroots Organizations Can Tip the Scales (Organizing Upgrade)
    By Peter Hogness and Emily Lee See the original at Organizing Upgrade. With Trump’s aggressive attacks on the election process, the surest way to block his push for a second term is to beat him by a decisive margin. Is the cautious, slow-moving Biden campaign up to that task? While Biden remains generally ahead in […]