Defeat Trump, Build Our Movements

The stakes of this election are enormous. What will you do to stop Trump and create space for our movements to thrive?

Our communities cannot take four more years of an administration that rolls back our access to basic human rights, enables violence against our people, and keeps our movements on defense with attack after attack. We knew this before the pandemic, but this crisis shows us more than ever the urgency of defeating Trump and sowing the seeds of a better future for all of us. This is larger than one candidate, it is about creating the conditions to shift the balance of power in our political system for the long-term.

Who are we working with?

We are partnering with grassroots organizations rooted in working class communities and communities of color in battleground states. They have been organizing there for years, they know the best strategies to win, and they will still be there continuing to build political power after the election is over.



In Arizona we are making calls with LUCHA, who fought SB1070, took down Sheriff Arpaio, and are building the power of Latinx communities in a crucial swing state. We can help them build off of a decade of struggle to flip Arizona, win a Senate seat and strengthen our movements.


PA Stands Up

In Pennsylvania, a state that Trump won in 2016 by 44,292 votes, we are working with PA Stands Up, a coalition of groups throughout the state who are committed to fighting for racial and economic justice on the state level, and making sure that he doesn’t win there again.


New Florida Majority

In Florida, we are partnering with the New Florida Majority, who focus on building electoral power with communities our political systems have marginalized. With a state government led by one of Trump’s closest allies who is endangering millions of lives through his negligence during this pandemic, New FM has a vision for how their people will take power back on a state and federal level.

What’s the plan?

Since COVID-19 hit, groups all over the country are shifting plans rapidly to ensure we protect our communities’ right to vote, and continue the important work of persuading and motivating potential voters under pandemic conditions. We don’t yet know what kind of voter outreach will be possible in the fall, but for now we are focused on engaging with voters by making calls and texts, connecting this crisis to what’s at stake in November.* Our partners are on the frontlines and need our help to grow their voter engagement and base-building work remotely. Sign up below to join us in the fight, and we will keep you updated as our plans develop. Click here to sign up for specific upcoming events.