Defeat Trump, Build Our Movements

The stakes of this election are enormous. We, the multiracial working class and young people, turned out to defeat Trump, and we will keep organizing so that every voice is heard and every vote is counted.

We believe in us, in the voice and dignity of all people, and we believe that every vote should be counted. We fought hard to win this election, and we will defend democracy. Seed the Vote became an enormous volunteer powerhouse to win this election. Now, we will turn that power to organizing to win the Senate.

Who are we working with?

We are partnering with grassroots organizations rooted in working-class communities and communities of color in battleground states. They have been organizing there for years, will be there continuing to build political power after the election is settled, and they are leading on the frontlines now.

We are also coordinating with national movement forces to align and collaborate on a shared strategy to defend our democracy and fight for our freedom dreams.


In Arizona we partner with LUCHA, who fought SB1070, took down Sheriff Arpaio, and are building the power of Latinx communities. We also partner with UNITE/HERE Local 11. Our volunteer power helped make it possible for the progressive coalition in Arizona to make over 19 million calls and knock over 1 million doors.


In Pennsylvania, we work with PA Stands Up and the Working Families Party. Seed the Vote helped PA Stands Up make well over 4 million calls and helped hold down early voting support in Philly.


In Florida, we partner with the New Florida Majority, who focus on building electoral power with communities our political systems have marginalized. Seed the Vote helped New Florida Majority and their coalition Florida for All have over one million conversations with voters leading up to the election.